Wyatt, Bethany, and Colton


    Name: - Wyatt Luke
    Birthdate: - Sunday, February 4 2007
    Age: - 11 years, 5 months, 12 days
  • Birth Stats: 7lbs 8oz, 19 inches. Born at 38.5 weeks
  • I am: 31 lbs and 37.75 inches tall without shoes! I can ride some fun stuff at Cedar Point now
  • Favorite topics of conversation: Bugs, trucks, tractors, lawn mowers, manure spreaders
  • Favorite playtime activities: Swimming pool, sandbox, movies, playdoh, baseball

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    Name: - Bethany Rae
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, June 24 2008
    Age: - 10 years, 22 days
  • Birth Stats: 5 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches. Born at 38 weeks
  • 2 year stats: 24lb (20th%), 31in (extremely teenie tiny)
  • Nicknames: Baby Chubba, Pretty, Sissy
  • Favorite play activities: Coloring, movies, swimming pool, the swing, reading stories, animal magnets


    Name: - Colton Jackson
    Birthdate: - Friday, January 29 2010
    Age: - 8 years, 5 months, 15 days
  • Birth Stats: 6lb 3oz, 19.25 inches. Born at 37 weeks
  • 4 month stats: 13lb 12oz (25th%) 23 inches (below chart)
  • Eyes: Blue and green. I think they''re turning colors
  • Hair: Light brown and blond
  • I can: Roll over both ways, sort-of sit without support, scoot across the floor

News Journal

(Friday, July 9 2010)

This will be my last posting on this website. The new owners did away with the free membership and I don''t want to pay $35 a year when there are other free sites available for us to use. If ...more

(Thursday, July 1 2010)

Colt got me up at 6am yesterday morning so I was up and about before the other kids. I heard Bethany wake up and start talking to herself like she always does in her crib. I figured that as ...more

(Saturday, June 26 2010)

We celebrated Bethany''s 2nd birthday yesterday! As tradition, we made the whole day special for her. We did her favorite things and ate her favorite foods. She wanted to stay in the pool for most of the day so ...more

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Samantha Terry (Saturday, August 22 2009)

Congratulations Himan family!!!! What wonderful news and how exciting!!! Missy, I hope that you are feeling well and getting some rest. I can''t believe you are going to have 3 - and only 3 years apart!! ...more

Samantha Terry (Saturday, September 6 2008)

Miss, the kids are growing so quickly and are absolutely adorable!!! I hope you and Josh are enjoying every moment. "Thomas the Train" is at the Lebanon Railroad this weekend and next and if you buy tickets ...more

Penny (Saturday, July 5 2008)

Love all the new pics!! The kids are so cute!! Can''t wait to meet Bethany in person and Cooper can''t wait to play with Wyatt again!! Love ya!

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