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Vicky / Friday, January 9 2009 04:53 PM

You can talk to my mom about raising a tiny child and trying to explain to people that yes, they are healthy, just small. I weighed 18 lbs. on my 1 year check-up. And then just 28 lbs. on my 4 year check. So as long as you feel she is eating well and being healthy, don''t let any one or any chart try to tell you differently!!

Nanny / Friday, January 9 2009 04:05 PM

Yes, there is not alot of height in our family. Bill''s mom was 4''10" and Dot is 5'' and Hannah barely 5'' so bethany is just following us! Abbie never fit the growth thing either, and I gave her growth hormone shots for a year, and nothing worked, and she is now 4''10". Some people are meant to be tiny. Wish i was one of those people!